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The Purpose of wPA AHRMM is to:

Bring about close cooperation among healthcare purchasing, material and resource managers, directors, including other healthcare parties as CEO’s, CFO’s and accountants and others who may express a desire to be an active part of the membership, to promote efficiency in healthcare procurement, inventory, distribution and other allied logistical and contracting functions of material management.

Encourage and assist members to develop their knowledge and increase their effectiveness in healthcare purchasing, material/ resource management and other allied professions.

Provide a medium for the interchange of ideas and dissemination of information relative to these objectives.

To provide a liaison between the Corporation and the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) personal membership society for materials management (at the time of these amended bylaws, known as the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management (AHRMM) or any successor AHA Personal Membership Society for materials and resource management.

To encourage professional education concerning healthcare purchasing, material and resource management and other allied professions.

To conduct educational seminars.

To provide tuition and travel expenses for the current President of HPMMA of Western PA to attend one National AHRMM Conference per year. Travel expenses shall be limited to the most reasonable rates available for one person with adequate advanced scheduling; the President shall be responsible for all other expenses. In the event the President cannot attend the AHRMM Conference, the Executive Committee may appoint a substitute.


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